We Believe, We Can, Inshallah!

A Rapidly Growing Network!


THE QURAN: Holy Book which describes the system of living for man kind. “Knowledge of Quran” is the main source of inspiration for education and training.


To develop the body, mind, heart & spirit of every child through highly personalized and dynamic system that incorporates concept of self-realization.


To inculcate life skills and Islamic ethical values in education & training… To transform self realization, team spirit, self confidence into leadership skills… To develop citizenship along national and global approach.


Human being , the master piece of divinely crafted scheme, came into existence, all the way from heaven to earth for the sacred purpose to read, read what had been forgotten, somewhere in between. Knowledge, a lost heritage of mankind, imparted through education. School a catalyst of transforming society through education. In Concept Schools, innovative and visionary minds think alike and trying to give new meanings to schooling by converging physical and metaphysical aspects together to put a blend of contemporary education and character in students.


Concept School is an emerging and fastest growing network in Pakistan. Currently, more than 50 branches have been started and more to come by this year. Concept School has launched franchisin campaign for 2020. Watch CEO Nusrullah Goraya’s video message for further details.


Quran Academia

The real object of education is to prepare a nation with the view to lead a better and positive life in this world and the world here after. Quran Academia is a project with the said aim in the view.

Brainiacs Development Program

Life Skills are necessary to lead a healthy, active and civilized life. Our assembly programme and special day in every month is devoted to inculcate the skills in the students.

Community Development Program

For the overall betterment of the society, a community awareness programme is being introduce to make people aware about the need of life skills in daily life.

Student Planner

A detailed student planner helps teachers, students and parents to know about the syllabus covered in each term. It also helps the parents to know about progress of their child in studies.