Social values are the important aspect of community. The transmitting of knowledge, skills and attitudes to new generation is an important part for the sustainability of community and nation living. The nation’s learning can be delivered formally or informally, however school education is a formal way of teaching and learning in modern world for new generations. Education is normally the acquiring of knowledge and the skills that are accepted by the community while nation development is the implementation of processes that are geared towards recomposing the nation’s institutions so that they can reflect the wishes, needs and aspirations of the particular community. Education shapes the attitudes, behaviors and values of citizens.

Concept Schools curriculum, leading to the high school is based on credence relates to character building, skill and knowledge for leadership development for community. Our research experts are working to full fill the need of quality education through Innovative and standard curriculum.

We are introducing new school opening concept (franchises) to not only facilitate the student but also to the brilliant academics minds by serving the nation. We have distinct our academic and administrative policies to provide assistance to the connected schools while Teacher training is our one of the most important aspect of providing quality education. We are committed to provide with the best to meet nation’s expectations. We believe in service of community through education and schools.

Looking forward,

Nusrullah Khan


Concept Schools