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Who we are?

Few things are more important in choosing a school to understand its educational ideology & philosophy. We help you to understand our approach in this section.

In the 2014, A group of multi professionals banded together to transform education using new fundamentals. They had observed that conventional schools is totally based on commercial basis and commercialization of education failing too many bright students due to less resources and access to quality education. These professionals were committed to making a difference, that difference is CONCEPT SCHOOLS.

Concept Schools is a project of PATELS Foundation-Regd. PATELS is a community organization having a mission “to develop the community for leadership through educational services” Community plays an important part in the education. Students, teachers, and parents agreed that Community support is vital to the success of schools and individual students,  whereas we defined community as a clutch sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals while community development is action that helps people to recognize and develop their ability and potential and organize themselves to respond to problems which they have.

PATELS aimed to develop community constellations having purpose driven commitments, safeguard of culture and civilized behavior. Concept Schools are the center of concentration for this activity by providing quality education to students and eminence training to community as per desired goals. Our Brainiacs Development Program (Academic program) and Community Development Program (Community Program) are designed to best cater to that student’s academic needs and community interests.